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Inkster Park Entry Doors & Security Systems

Entry Door Features
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Hand-built with a passion for excellence, Inkster Park entry doors include the following features:

  • Brickmould
  • Door Lites
  • Door Lite Frames
  • Ball Bearing Hinges
  • Security Strike Plate
  • Long-Reach Compression Weather Strip
  • Heavy Dull Sill
  • Vantage Fibreglass Door
  • Ektacron Frame and Vinyl Wrapped

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Entry Door Product Options

Inkster Park entry doors include a wide variety of product options for you to choose from. From our high performance glass to our multi-panel door systems, there are plenty of options to help you make a first impression that lasts.


Entry Door Security Systems
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  • Avanti Security System
    The Avanti Doorway System offers your family peace of mind by combining the benefits of strength in a fiberglass door with the added security features provided by Inkster Park Millwork Ltd. Door panels are beefed up with an extra wide wood stile on the lock side for added reinforcement. Our multi-point stainless steel locking mechanism secures the door, while the stainless steel “spine” provides you with that extra measure of security (See more).
  • DaVinci Security System
    The DaVinci Doorway System offers an elegant design that can be configured in a variety of fashions. The door panel finish is a smooth, pristine white PVC, accented with glass options, panel moulds, heavy-duty ball bearing hinges, handle options and added security features. When combined together they create a distinctive doorway that not only complements your home but also adds the comfort of security (See more).