Patio Doors

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Our collections offer both three and four-panel systems, with a wide range of finished frame sizes, available in either cross-section vinyl clad wood frame or a vinyl clad composite frame.


Decorative & Finishing Options


Internal Mini-Blinds
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Internal Mini-Blinds offer maximum visibility, complete privacy and everything in between with the touch of a finger. Simply slide the easy to use lever to raise, lower or tilt the Mini-Blinds. The Mini-Blinds are positioned then sealed between the insulated glass unit which makes them completely maintenance free.


Security Options
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Between the Twin Point Lock, the Guardian Security Lock, the Kick Lock, and Security Bar options, security is covered!


Performance Ratings
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Check out the performance ratings and engineering evaluations for the "Victorian", "Buckingham", and "Newcastle" models and feel secure in your choice of sliding patio doors.