Storm Windows

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Storm Windows: Advantages
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  • Inexpensive
  • Enamel finish
  • Maintenance free
  • New screens
  • Reduces condensation on the primary window
  • Reduce drafts
  • More insulation
  • Easy to install


Storm Windows: Standard Features
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Standard features include:

  • Glass removable from inside or outside
  • Reinforced corners
  • 1 ½" or ¾" overlap profile
  • Polypile weatherstripping on inserts
  • Variable latching positions
  • Seven standard colours
  • Optional Round top
  • Door flanker with matching kick panel to complement a Storm door

Note: Storm windows can be designed to match almost any window design (including the picture window above a slider type).


Storm Windows: Measuring Notes
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When measuring for a storm window, you are able to specify the following:

  • Inside or outside take off
  • Color
  • Overlap or blindstop frame
  • Screen position
  • CMR or bar height